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1. Are LEDs dimmable?

LEDs are dimmable.  Please refer to individual product descriptions where it will confirm if they are dimmable.

2. Are LEDs harmful to the environment?

LEDs do not contain mercury, as with all electronic appliances, they should be recycled at an approved facility.

3. Are they as bright?

FLUX LEDs’ are as bright if not brighter than the light bulbs you are looking to replace.

4. Are they more efficient than traditional lighting ?

LEDs’ work in a completely different way to traditional lighting as they typically use 75% less energy whilst produce the same amount of light.

5. Do LEDs fit into existing fittings?

FLUX LEDs fit most traditional fittings.  Please see individual product descriptions to ensure you order the correct light bulbs.

6. Do LEDs flicker?

No there is no flickering with LEDs.

7. Don't they take ages to get up to full brightness?

FLUX LEDs reach full brightness just as quickly as incandescent bulbs. If you want instant full brightness everywhere in your house, then you could consider LEDs throughout.

8. Have they banned traditional light bulbs?

Old-fashioned GLS light bulbs are being phased out across the European Union and in many other countries. In the UK, the government has acted ahead of EU legislation, and most types of GLS bulb are no longer produced. Some may still be available in shops for a while until existing stocks run out.

9. How long do LEDs last?

FLUX LEDs last between 25,000 hours and 50,000 hours.  

In a family home this may mean you may never have to change a light bulb again.  

How long they last depends on individual usage which will differ from home to home.

10. I’ve heard the light is too cold for use in the home?

When buying LEDs, you now have a choice about the colour temperature the light will produce.  

The colour temperatures can vary from cool white to warm white.  If you are unsure of the correct look to choose please ask one of our specialist team to help you.

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