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Elmsleigh Car Park
Elmsleigh Car Park
Elmsleigh Car Park

Dramatic Savings with Flux Products for Elmsleigh Car Park


ESL, the lighting consultancy partners to Flux LED, were invited and subsequently won the tender to complete the lighting upgrade at Elmsleigh Car park. Elmsleigh Street Car Park consists of 511 spaces located on  split levels. The car park is open from 8am – 7pm Monday to Sunday. The columns on the roof level have recently been fitted with photocells.


One of the main problems associated with this Car Park was the luminaires were heavily recessed, obstructing the level of light that was reaching ground level.

Following a detailed survey we recommended changing the old HQi bulkheads for 2 x 28w T5 fittings with microwave sensors fitted. However, we lowered the lights so that the luminaires were level with the height of the recess. All other existing fittings were retrofitted with LED lamps including the external floodlights.

Spelthorne Council had been spending an estimated £12,892 per annum on lighting energy costs per year.  Following the lighting upgrade this was reduced to an estimated £3,183, saving in the region of £9,708 per year. A reduction of 75% There were also additional savings to be made in terms of lamp replenishment cost and internal maintenance

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