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Havering Council
Havering Council
Havering Council

ESL Provide Dramatic Cuts to Council’s Carbon Foot Print 


Energy Saving Lighting (ESL) is a company that Local Authorities can rely on.  ESL currently supply and install LED lighting on behalf of 20 Local Authorities throughout the UK; with the number increasing each month.  ESL focus on collaborative relationships to achieve a solutions driven service, understanding each councils need to drive down their energy bills, reduce carbon footprint and ensure low maintenance lighting.

Havering Council have numerous sites in its borough which were running very high carbon emissions.  ESL we contacted by the council to provide bespoke surveys on 12 different sites including 2 public car parks, 4 schools and 8 civic offices including Romford Town Hall, Library, PASC and Depots. They wanted to see how much they could possibly reduce their emissions by switching to LED lighting.


Impressed with the survey results, product offering and efficiency of the ESL team; they were contracted by Havering Council to move forward and carry out the lighting upgrade on all 12 sites, running over a 2 year period.

A wide variety of products were used depending on the location of each site from LED Street lighting, LED Car Park lighting, Indoor LED Panels and Strip Lights for Schools and Civic Offices. Features such as motion sensors and dimmers were used on some lighting, in service corridors and stairwells where lighting needed to be on 24 hours but there would be long lengths of time when area’s were not in use. In schools the natural lighting colour was paramount and a consistent flicker free lighting solution for the Car Parks essential.


The projects main goal was to reduce the councils carbon emissions, which was successfully achieved resulting in an outstanding 1500 carbon ton reduction. Not only this but the council also found improved quality of light across the board on all sites and with the 50,000 hour life expectancy of the lights a huge cut in maintenance costs as additional but hugely valued benefits.
The council experienced a 67% saving on their energy bills which in turn resulted in a payback period for the project in 24 months of completion.
After such fantastic success ESL are now in talks about further projects where they can help upgrade Havering Councils lighting on additional sites.
Annual cost savings of the 12 sites combined looks to achieve £250,000 cost saving per annum.

"ESL were  recommended  to us and we have found them to be excellent LED partners who provide a good quality solution at great value and delivered on time.  Their customer service is efficient and effective at all times and we will continue to work with them in the future." Mark Lowers, Energy Strategy Officer

Hammersmith Town Hall
Hammersmith Town Hall
Hammersmith Town Hall

Lighting Solutions are a smart choice with Local Authorities


Energy Saving Lighting, the consultancy partner of Flux and Flux LED products, is a team that Local Authorities can rely on.  ESL currently supply and install Flux LEDs on behalf of 15 Local Authorities throughout the UK; with the number increasing each month.  ESL focus on collaborative relationships to achieve a solutions driven service and social value.  This ensures that both parties understand each other's concerns, are open and transparent, agree joint objectives and have a shared commitment to deliver on each project.

Hammersmith Town Hall is used by the staff of Hammersmith & Fulham Council and is a large and imposing building built in the 1960's.  ESL were invited to provide solutions as to how the council could reduce their energy costs and carbon emissions, whilst improving the lighting levels on floors 2 - 6 of the Town Hall, which housed over 3,000 office staff members. 


"Following a pilot replacement completed on the 6th floor, the feedback we received from staff was incredibly positive and so we decided to replace all the lights in our building due to the fantastic savings in energy consumption and maintenance costs, quick paybacks, as well as quality of light output. We estimate over 10 years there will be an estimated saving of £250,000.” Dr Vassia Paloumbi Carbon  Reduction Manager

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