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Innovative LED lighting creates substantial cost savings for SIG UK 


SIG Plc is a leading distributor of specialist building products in Europe, with strong positions in its core markets of insulation and energy management, interiors and exteriors.  The Group principally operates in 11 countries in Europe and has trading operations in a further 6, including countries in the Middle East, serving a wide range of trades in the building and construction markets. 

ESL (the lighting consultancy partner of Flux LED) ensured there was a reduction of wattage to reduce energy costs, increased lamp life, increased lumen output ration (LOR), decreased maintenance requirements and unification of lamp types where applicable.


The ESL design team undertook a site survey of the warehouse in Rotherham to identify the best product design to reach all the above objectives. Substantial cost savings could be made through the use of energy efficient LED lighting, whilst achieving an improvement in light levels within the warehouse that improved the working conditions for employees. Through innovative lighting we were able to achieve a 75% reduction in energy consumption and carbon emissions, offering a 2.2 years payback on investment.  Maintenance issues were also eliminated for the medium to long term.

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