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Upgrading from traditional florescent lighting to LED lighting is a great way to do your bit by reducing carbon footprint, as well as saving money on your electricity bills. From cinemas, carparks and warehouses to head offices and retailers, the commercial industry covers a wide array of organisations. It’s important their lighting is sufficient enough to work in safely. Unlike traditional florescent bulbs, LEDs do not emit polluting radiation and therefore does not pose a health hazard. 

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minimum 7 year warranty on all products, highest quality, industry leading lifespan of products

Our LED bulbs have a lifetime up to 63,000 hours and almost all products have a 10 year warranty, plus payback on our LED lighting can be achieved in less than 3 years. We have lighting options for all requirements within the commercial industry.

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phoenix cinema

Phoenix Cinema started life as Phoenix Theatre in 1963, in Leicester’s City Centre.  Since moving to its current location, audiences for Phoenix have grown in all parts of its cultural programme to a total of 190,000 visits a year. The organisation enjoys high levels of loyalty and has established independent cinema and digital art as an important part of Leicester’s cultural life.

“Energy Saving Lighting provided us with an affordable in-house lighting solution for our cinema screens. They assisted us in applying for funding to cover some of the costs, managed the process, provided expert installers and ensured that the final integration into our systems was suitably programmed. We are delighted with the outcome and would use Energy Saving Lighting again for lighting projects.”

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We are specialists in LED lighting.


The best energy savings with low maintenance.

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Cutting energy costs whilst also improving the lighting environment.

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