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Local Authorities have substantial estates and buildings which need to be which need to be energy efficient, low maintenance and cost effective.  Upgrading your lighting from the traditional florescent bulbs to LED not only substantially reduces your carbon footprint but can also reduce your yearly electricity spend by up to 70%. There are number of downfalls to the old florescent bulbs which you wouldn’t experience with LED lighting, including a heavy energy bill. 

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average payback less than 2.5 years, including luminaires and labour, UKs lowest average payback 

Many local authority buildings use their lighting for long periods throughout the day and the lighting in these areas should be bright, low maintenance, cost-effective and flicker-free, and most importantly, have a long life. Our LED bulbs have a lifetime up to 63,000 hours and almost all products have a 10 year warranty, plus payback on our LED lighting can be achieved in less than 3 years. We have lighting options for all requirements that local authorities need.

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new park library

New park library is set in the city centre of Leicester, providing a spacious and cosy reading environment. With many books to borrow, free access to computers, self-service kiosks and lots of information to enjoy. The library prides themselves in now offering the best reading environment for all of their guests.

“We received impeccable service from the Energy Saving Lighting team, they worked quickly and efficiently throughout the evenings after closing to ensure our customers were not disturbed during the upgrade.”

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