Carbon Trust Accredited Supplier

Carbon Trust Accredited Supplier

Carbon Trust is an independent organisation with a mission to accelerate the move to a sustainable and low carbon economy. They have been working to achieve this since 2001, with offices based all over the world.

Carbon Trust focuses on current and future sustainability challenges and works closely with organisations to develop sustainable strategies to achieve their aims. The Carbon Trust provide voluntary carbon certification services and labelling schemes to organisations who have demonstrated that they have met the standards such as organisations who are seen too measure, manage and reduce their greenhouse gas emissions through their supply chain.

Energy Saving Lighting have been a Carbon Trust Accredited supplier since 2013. ESL provide and install LED lighting to businesses all around the country in aim to reduce their electricity bills and also their carbon footprint. In 2020, ESL saved their clients 6,894 tons of carbon by upgrading their lighting to LED bulbs.

As a Carbon Trust Accredited Supplier we have had to demonstrate that we deliver thoughtful, well-designed energy efficient and renewable energy systems. As part of the assessment process, the Carbon Trust takes into consideration feedback from client references regarding the suppliers’ performance.

Please note: Whilst the Carbon Trust has endeavoured to confirm that all suppliers included in the Green Business Directory are of a proven high quality, users of the Green Business Directory enter into contracts directly with Accredited Suppliers to the exclusion of the Carbon Trust, and at their own risk.

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