lighting up the education sector

lighting up the education sector

We have successfully upgraded LED lighting in over 400 schools, colleges and universities in the country.

Upgrading the lighting from traditional to LED lighting is the easiest way for the school to cut its energy levels, reduce its carbon footprint and make instant savings on electricity bills. The energy required to power LED lighting is a lot less compared to traditional incandescent bulbs. LED lighting converts almost 90% of its energy to lighting, whereas traditional bulbs only convert around 10% to light, and the rest is heat.

The savings made as a result of an LED lighting upgrade are colossal and would make a huge difference to an organisation, like a school. However, this is not the only benefit. You can completely transform the learning environment for both students and teachers just by changing the lighting to LED. No flicker or discolouration, and less maintenance required resulting in very little disruption in classrooms or offices. LED lighting also lasts over 6 times longer than traditional bulbs for the average school.

More LED lighting benefits:

  • Different colour temperatures available to meet all requirements.
  • Correct lux levels met for each environment.
  • Less harmful materials like traditional lighting which contains mercury.
  • Improve students moods and performances
  • Dimmable options available for auditoriums or classrooms.
  • Sensor options available so only occupied areas are lit up.

How ESL can help your school:

The team here at ESL are skilled in all areas which means you can leave it all to us. We offer a free survey of your site and we can then calculate the savings your school will make once the LED upgrade has been completed. Once you have decided to go ahead with the project, you will be assigned a project manager where they will look after you the whole way through and will help with any queries or problems you may have. Our skilled project engineers will ensure each room/environment in your school are adhering to the recommended Lux levels, to ensure you are making the most out of the lighting and all health and safety measures are taken into account. If your school require any special light fittings, our design and procurement team will find the correct products to suit your requirements.

Funding package available:

ESL are partners with another company who are able to offer funding to the education sector for LED upgrades.  Click here to find out more-

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