Get back to school safely with our UVC air purifying panel

Get back to school safely with our UVC air purifying panel

As pupils return back to school for the Autumn term, why not add our UVC Air purifying panel to your health and safety regime to help keep pupils and staff members safe. Cleaning regimes are much more intense and regular in today’s environment.   If failed to keep schools clean, they could potentially shutdown or partially lockdown due to major outbreaks of viruses.

Utilising an integrated UVC lamp filter it covers an area of 30m2 and is effective at destroying 99.9% of microorganisms, including COVID-19, at the DNA level making it a very effective part of any sanitisation regime. As well as being a highly efficient air purifying solution the panel provides a remote control, dimmable high lumens 30 W LED light. The Air Purifying LED Panel can easily be integrated into any 600×600 suspended ceiling tile, with the aluminium material frame providing high thermal conductivity, which makes for excellent heat dissipation and reduces the light decay of the UVC lamp. 

The designers at ESL in conjunction with our NHS partners, came up with a solution where the UVC lamp is safely enclosed at the back of the fitting. An integrated filtration system and UVC light source purify the air before releasing it back into the environment. This reduces the inconvenience of rooms having to be vacated before use, therefore allowing the fitting to be used safely in occupied areas.

How does it work?

Firstly, the air passes through the intake vents, it will be blasted by the UVC lighting which has germicidal properties to target cells with irradiation and destroy any harmful virus and bacteria in the air before travelling through the 4-layered filter system. The UVC lamp is the only lamp that has proved effective in killing viruses including COVID-19, and when installed, COVID-19 cases have been reduced by over 40% and have keep the community safer and better protected.

The Pure Panel comes with a remote control which allows the light or air purifier to be used independently. The remote control also allows the light to be dimmed providing additional energy cost savings and CO2 reduction. Where installed we have seen savings of over 80% against the cost of existing fluorescent lights.

The final benefit of the Flux LED Air Purifying LED Panel is the cost to the End User. We feel the panel could make a huge difference to the safety of hospitals, Schools and other public areas, so we have priced it accordingly to allow maximise access to this revolutionary product. Customers have peace of mind as the panel is supported by a 10 Year warranty.

If you are interested in adding the Pure Panel to your health and safety regime with no upfront costs, contact us on 01344 889933 today.


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