Lighting up the NHS

Lighting up the NHS

ESL are proud to work with the NHS upgrading their lighting to LED in hospitals such as Countess of Chester, Maidstone & Tunbridge Wells and also Medway. We have fitted energy saving LED lighting in areas such as wards, emergency departments, waiting rooms, corridors and canteens.  Hospitals are one of the few places that need to have lighting on 24/7 and good lighting is necessary in all areas of the hospital. LED lights can make a huge difference to the NHS, especially when it comes to budget and the low maintenance required.  ESL have expert installers and a project management team that are sensitive to the needs of hospitals, given that most areas are occupied 24 hours a day making it difficult to complete jobs that are not a priority.  In addition, little to no maintenance is required for LED lighting, which is backed up by a 7 year warranty that will solve any issues that may arise with the lighting.

Luminaires suitable for Hospitals include:

Pririo Square LED Ceiling panel: The Pririo Square LED is a recessed fit and is available in 3 wattages. Stylish and sleek in its design makes it great for corridors, waiting rooms, consultancy rooms and reception areas.  Available in a number of colour temperatures and with a lifespan of 63,000 hours this fitting is ideal for areas that are hard to clean and require a sealed fitting. The simple design allows for a quick and easy installation with minimum disruption. The Pririo Square LED also has a dimmable and emergency option available.

Ellie Nightlight LED: The Ellie Nightlight downlight is a modern, elegant and discreet lighting option that will compliment the style of many areas of the hopsital. The fitting is recess mounted into your ceiling making it flush or semi flush with the surface. It offers a great alternative to the traditional central ceiling light fitting or can easily be installed as an additional light source.

Dawsi LED: The Dawsi overhead LED bed light is a 3ft aluminium housing surface mounted hospital light. The fitting has two different LED strips which allows for a different wattage on the top and bottom of the light, if required. This light works well in hospital wards and patient rooms as the top and bottom tube can be turned on and off independently.

Pure Panel: The Air Purifying LED Panel with UVC Air Purification is designed to sanitise large areas such as hopsital wards, operating theatres and waiting rooms. It covers an area of 30m2 and destroys microorganisms at the DNA level and can be an effective part in sanitisation regimes. The UV power on this lamp is 11W. The LED Panel light and UVC Cleaning Light has a bevelled edge design with a white paint surface finish. The frame is made of aluminium material with high thermal conductivity which makes for excellent heat dissipation and reduces the light decay of the UVC lamp. This LED panel comes with a remote control.

Other benefits LED provides to hospitals include:

  • Glare-free and flicker-free providing clear visibility.
  • Controllability – Dimmable options available suiting all requirements for the patient.
  • Safe for occupied areas – LED lighting contains no mercury and emit very little UV radiation meaning nothing harmful or toxic will be absorbed through the skin or inhaled.

When it comes to keeping costs low, lighting is not often a priority for the NHS.  Here at ESL, we can provide you with a free survey, followed up with a report and proposal presenting annual savings, and finally an installation service. For more information on how ESL can save you money on your electric bills, please contact or call 01344 88339 to speak to someone from our team.

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